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  • Mak Mak Jan 22, 2013 1:25 PM Flag

    Which C for which PG?

    He said he needs a PG and I could use a solid C, SG or SF.

    Which PG should I offer and who shoild I ask for in return?

    my team:
    pg- Lillard, Wall, Lowry, Thomas
    sg- Beal, Harris
    sf- Melo, Dudley
    pf- Millsap, Ilyasova
    c- Bosh, Sanders, Bynum

    his team:
    pg- Hill
    sg- Kobe, Turner, Danny Green
    sf- Deng, Aminu
    pf- Ibaka, Sullinger, Glen Davis
    C- Lee, Asik, Ed Davis, Okafor

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    • I'd agree with IT2 for Asik, assuming you can live with the bad FT%. I think Asik and Davis are both over valued, but Asik is clearly the better option to me. He's more consistent with the rebs, and even though he has bad FT% at least he has good FG%, while Davis has poor %'s all around, and Asik is the much better shot blocker. The main thing Davis has going for him over Asik is scoring, but with Melo, Lillard, Millsap, Bosh, Lowry, Wall, Beal and even Bynum if he comes back at 100%, you don't seem to need the scoring that much.

      If it were my team, I'd be much more comfortable making that move than a higher caliber PG for a higher caliber Big... IF Bynum comes back you should be pretty good in your front court, especially if Ilyasova gets some consistency, and if Big Al gets traded and Millsap's value goes up.
      The reason I'd be hesitant to give up 1 of your 3 good PG's, is the risk of injury/rookie wall... Lillard has shown he's already at NBA level, but he's also playing a rediculous amount of minutes, and the possibility is real that he could have some sort of drop off eventually. How likely? I'm not sure, but if I were his coach I'd really try to cut at least a few MPG from him to keep him fresh. And while Wall and Lowry are both stud PG's, their injury risk is simply higher than other PG's not named Curry.

      Another suggestion is to sell high on Devin Harris if you get the chance. Sounds like his ankle issue isn't that bad, and if he plays heavy minutes and produces, I wouldn't hesitate to sell high. He's been very inconsistent in the past as a starter, not to mention the Hawks would be smart to try to make a trade to bolster their backcourt.

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      • Thanks for the breakdown CWizzle, always much appreciated. I def see where your coming with holding onto the 3 elite PGs I have due to wear and tear/ injury risk. Giving up Thomas is a easy one to swallow. FT% is expendable, so its not a dealbreaker. I had the same idea about selling Harris high once/if he has a few good games and if someone takes the bait. Thanks Again!

    • give up thomas for asik ... he'll help with blocks n boards , but his ft% is horrible , unless you wanna give up lillard for lee , wich isnt a bad option considering you have wall , lowry , thomas to get assist for you


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