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  • Antonio Antonio Jan 22, 2013 1:26 AM Flag

    How to get pau. Gasol?

    12 team first year keeper roto standard scoring, roster, and settings

    Is pau considered a buy low?

    I would like to try and acquire pau gasol. If you had my team what kind of an offer would you make for pau gasol?

    His lowest categories are TO, FT%, 3pt, blocks

    He says if the offer is reasonable he will consider it

    My team:
    PG kyle Lowry
    SG Klay Thompson
    G goran dragic
    SF Lebron
    PF Rudy gay
    F Kenneth faried
    C joakim Noah
    C Tyler zeller
    Utl Isaiah thomas
    Utl Andre miller
    BN robin Lopez
    BN Alan Anderson
    BN Chris kaman

    His team:
    PG Ty Lawson
    SG Andre igoudala
    G kyrie Irving
    SF Loul deng
    PF al horford
    F Evan turner
    C pau gasol
    C Emeka okafor
    Utl Kawhi Leonard
    Utl daron collision
    BN Matt Barnes
    BN Derrick favors
    BN Amir Johnson

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    • I dont think hes buy low after having some good games, and especially with people jumping on players bandwaggon after theyve played a small amount of good games.

    • Well, to me Gasol can be consider a buy low, if you are comparing to what you'd have to give for him a year or two ago, when everyone was raving about him being the most skilled big man in the league. His injury risk, demotion to the bench, lack of motivation on this struggling Lakers team etc etc is reason enough for his value to be lower than normal. BUT the fact that he's apparently healthy again, could have a HUGE boost in value if he gets traded, and is actually putting up nice numbers in a bench role, means that he won't be able to be got for pennies on the dollar.

      I usually suggest trying to trade different positions to get the best value in return. But looking at his roster, he might e interested in trading Gasol for front court depth. If so, I'd feel comfortable trying to sell high on Zeller, maybe package him with Kaman or Lopez and see what he says. If he doesn't like it, just have a conversation with him to feel him out. What positions he wants, how he values guys.

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      • BTW, I'm not saying that he will or should accept that deal. I'm just saying that if you are already conversing with him and a low offer won't scare him away from making any deal, a lowball to feel him out isn't a bad idea... Usually when I am actually talking to people about trades I start out low, or what I feel is low, to feel them out. Sometimes they actually accept. Most of the time we just move on until we reach a mutaul decision... But if I am just sending a random reject/accept offer I make it more respectable so they dont just reject and move on without countering.

    • who is on fa ? cause i would offer faried/thomas and pick up best fa if accepted

      help my post

    • I'm also a little bit curious. I picked him up last week after someone not being too patient, but I did it in order to sell him a little later. I have both George and Batum and I'm considering some big trade involving Batum and Pau.. /and why? because of the injury risk/ In fact I need a real PG but it's very hard to get one in this league so if I could land Durant or James.. :)


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