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  • CWizzle CWizzle Jan 21, 2013 6:41 PM Flag

    Chris Paul/ PG depth trade

    Thanks, that what I was thinking. Even though Paul is one of the best FT shooters in the league, the rest of my team is built around strong FG% and poor FT%. So if I did make this trade I wouldn't be worried about the drop in %'s. My good FG shooters are enough to make up the difference, and I really don't need Paul's awesome FT shooting on this squad.
    I didn't intend to go about having Chris Paul AND punt FT% lol, that's just how it ended up working out over the last couple seasons.

    I also feel like I could get more for Paul if I did a 1 for 2 trade for players of 2 different positions. But PG is the only position I really need help in, both for this year and for the future, and I honestly don't think I'd be able to as good of depth in any other future trades.

    I always thought that if I traded CP3 away it would be in a big blockbuster move, but I'm actually leaning towards accepting this offer since I think overall it would help my team. even if it doesn't sound like that great of a deal based on names or Yahoo current rankings.

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    • conley was a top 5 pg last year (fantasy wise) and i feel like him and the team are still improving so i like him a lot especially as a keeper, and he provides a lot in the cats you need a pg to, hes like a poor mans cp3. dragic has the tools to be very valuable im not quite sure whats happening, maybe just not the right system, maybe not the right players around him, but he has good value going forward as well and i anticipate drafting them both fairly highly in the coming years