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  • Ray Ray Jan 21, 2013 3:15 PM Flag

    Keeper League Melo Trade

    Keeper league, standard cats

    Would you rather have:
    1) Carmelo, M Gasol, A Iguodala
    2) Josh Smith, A Horford, N Batum

    My team is out of contention at this point (I'm a replacement for a deadbeat) so I don't have categorical needs, I just have worry about amassing the most talent/upside for next year.

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    • This is a tough one for me, but I actually might disagree with the 1st response and take a chance with team 2... The only reason I would consider that is because of Iguodala. I think his high value seasons are over.
      Right now Carmelo is the best player involved, but honestly Batum isn't all that much of a downgrade. So if you take those two out, between Smith/Horford or Gasol/Iggy I'd probably take Smith/Horford.
      But if I thought that Iguodala had even 2 more seasons of top 100 value left I'd take side 1 in a heartbeat.

    • I would definitely rather have Team 1. No question.

      Will you answer mine? "roster help please"


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