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  • CWizzle CWizzle Jan 21, 2013 12:50 PM Flag

    Free Agents Better?

    I don't think owning Knight in a 10 teamer is THAT laughable. I personally wouldn't do it, but it's not like you have Delonte West on your roster. BK actually has the potential to be pretty good, he just hasn't been able to put it all together yet. Too low of FG%, too many TO's, he obviously just not comfortable running a team as a PG yet. I think he will slowly improve, and in a couple years he'll be a must own in any format. But right now, I'd rather have Bradley Beal... I have Knight in a 20 team league so I'm stuck with him, but you have a nice enough FA that you should feel comfortable dropping him.
    See HOOPS, ins't that a much bette approach? I'm pretty sure I got the same exact point across that you had, but I didn't offend anyone, and I expanded on why I would do it. No need to be a stuck up #$%$ whole thinks he's better than someone because he can out manage them in FANTASY SPORTS lol... Can you imagine going up to your group of friends, or let a lone a FEMALE and saying, " I really let this kid have it today on a fantasy basketball message board. He thought Brandon Knight should be owned in a 10 team league hahaha. What a loser, I'm the man!" Seriously.

    Anyways, I would personally rather own Davis, Drummond or Thomspon over Glen Davis. But which one you decide would depend on other things like FT%. Good luck

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    • Thanks CWizzle, always the helpful voice of reason and common sense. I'm glad people are seeing HOOP the same way, I thought I was the only one. This dude has been all over me for no reason and I'am NOT that person who instigagtes negativity with anyone. Its just a board about ball for people who actually enjoy the hobby, not just trying to get off on some weird "I know more than everyone" adolesent ignorance. Thanks again for your insight man, I've been holding on to Knights potential and because I drafted him I thought he might pop. Maybe next year!


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