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  • HOOP HOOP Jan 21, 2013 9:33 AM Flag

    How bad of an offer is this?

    Maybe I am blinded, but a guy offered me this....

    I give up

    Chris Paul
    Stephen Curry
    Al Horford

    He gives up

    Kobe Bryant
    Mike Conley
    Nikola Vucevic

    I know we all tend to value our own players usually a little higher, but aren't I giving up a ton?

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    • Not taking into account injury risks, I'd rather keep your side, but I think it's a lot closer than you ar ethinking.
      CP3 is the better fantasy player compared to Bryant, but besides assists, Kobe isn't that bad of a downgrade. While Curry is extremely injury prone, and although Conley flies under the radar and is IMO 1 of the most underrated players in real life, he is very consistent in fantasy. Vucevic hasn't proven himself over time like Horford, but he's playing just as well as him IMO. I don't like using Yahoo ratings as anything more than just 1 of many references, but they have Horford at 53 and Vuc at 50. I think that's a pretty good indicator that up through right now they've been basically a wash.

      So if they are a wash, it would basically be:

      I still like the PG side better, but the Kobe side isn't that bad of a downgrade to post about it on the message board IMO.

    • I think it's closer than you think...you have the "name value" of Paul and Horford but Conley is having a great year and Vucevic is having a great year as well. Curry and Kobe is a tough one.. Curry has been having an amazing fantasy season.. but his health is always a question.. Kobe is having an incredible year as always.. but they'll probably have to cut his minutes down because he's been playing close to 40 a game and is getting older. I would probably keep what you have... but now might be a good time to cut Curry loose if you're nervous about his ankle.


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