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  • HOOP HOOP Jan 20, 2013 8:02 AM Flag

    Now this is a big trade

    Which side would you like for the rest of the season in a 12 team roto style league.

    Jrue Holiday, Chris Bosh, Tristan Thompson and Amir Johnson


    Stephen Curry, Al Horford, Luol Deng

    Thanks everyone.

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    • I'm a gambler so I easily like the Curry Horford Deng side more because if you get the Curry side you get all those stats + a possible good FA pickup.. but it really depends on your overall team, more so how deep your teams PG position is (specifically in the case that Curry gets injured again this season).. So who all's on your team and who are some of the top FA's?

    • i like the steph side but it is definitely more risky. he just has so much more roto potential than jrue and horford and bosh have similar value in my opinion

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      • I like team Curry too. But considering how prone to injuries players in team Curry, I might as well consider taking team Bosh.. In the end, it all comes down to what type of player/manager you are.. Are you the risk taker type or the play safe type? lol

        Since it's a 4 to 3 trade. Team needs should be considered here too.
        In team Bosh (assuming the trade pushes through), it all comes down on who-to-drop player from the roster. Maybe this teams need depth since he is getting 4 players.
        In team Curry, FA should be taken into consideration since he'll have 1 free roster spot.

        Team Bosh beats team Curry in REB & BLK while team Curry beats team BOSH in 3PTM. The rest of the stats are pretty much similar. If team Curry can get a decent player from the FA (say PF/C), then I'd give the edge to team Curry. But then again, it all comes down to what the teams really need (and what kind of managers are involved.)

    • Assuming everyone involved stayed healthy I think I'd have to go with the Curry side... I really like Jrue, and TT and Amir have been impressive lately, but I just like the overall production and consistency of the Curry/Horford/Deng side. Although they are more injury prone for sure.

      Edit: I just re-read this and saw that this is a Roto league. I've played a lot of fantasy, but not much roto so I'm not sure how much of a difference these players values are in roto without looking them all up.

    • No one has any opinions on this?


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