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  • reeves reeves Jan 19, 2013 8:36 PM Flag

    ellis, gay, k.thompson

    the best value ros?

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    • All 3... Seriously it really depends on what you are trying to get out of your players. Even positionally it makes a difference.
      Ellis can be a great source of pts and steals with nice assists from a SG and decent 3's. But he can be inconsistent since he and Jennings don't always seem to play well on the same nights, and his very high volume, very low percentage FG% can hurt teams. He'd be much more valueable if his consistency improved, he could average over 1 3PTM per game and his FG% wasn't in the low 40's. As a reference, that I use to compare but not as a deciding point on anything, Yahoo currently ranks him at 80th.
      The best way I can describe Gay, is to compare him to Ellis. Statistically he is basically the same player, but exchange Monta's assists for Gay's rebounds, and add in better blocks and different positional eligibility. Outside of statistics, I personally think he has a better chance of improving on his numbers 2nd half of season compared to Monta. Especially if his teammates get chosen as an allstar over the team's "franchise player", which usually motivates those who get snubbed to play harder and prove everyone wrong.... I give edge to Rudy over Monta unless assists are most important and PG/SG is more valuable than SF/PF.
      Thompson has improved this year. He is slowly becoming more than a 3 point specialist. But outside of 3's, he still has to improve for me to really buy into him as anything more. He is another high volume/ low percentage shooter. He has very nice FT% but on most nights doesn't shoot enough volume to really help you, but at least it doesn't hurt. But even though he has improved with his defensive stats and other peripherals, and even though he's ranked 63rd by Yahoo, higher than Ellis and Gay, he would be my 3rd choice out of the 3 unless 3PTM is your only, or main concern... I'm also not sure what to project for him ROS. He's young and gets minutes so he has potential to continue to improve. But, if players like Harrison Barnes and Andrew Bogut get more and more minutes, Klay might not get as many touches.
      So I personally rank them:
      But team needs could turn that order completely around.

      This is very long so without going into detail, I like Leonard's upside over Hayward but it's close. And if Utah were to make a trade resulting in Hayward getting 30MPG, I'd probably go with him.

    • ellis, gay, k.thompson? thanks!

    • and how about leonard vs g.hayward? thanks


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