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  • CWizzle CWizzle Jan 19, 2013 3:29 PM Flag

    Non- Blockbuster Trade

    h-2-h NON keeper league
    After trading away Kevin Love to try to compete for a playoff spot, I ended up with Emeka Okafor among other players. If Love comes back and dominates maybe I made a mistake, but I couldn't afford to stash him as my team is in 10th place, and this is not a keeper league.

    Anyways, now I'd like to try to sell high on Emeka Okafor, because I personally don't think he can keep up his current pace with Nene getting healthier and Seraphin starting to play better.
    In the last month he's averaged 50% shooting, 10 pts, 10 rebs, and 1.4 blocks per game.

    Can you guys think of any other players who have similar stats but are more likely to stay consistent throughout the 2nd half of the season?
    I'm having a tough time coming up with offers. I also have a few players to add to maybe get someone better.
    Alonzo Gee, Jason Kidd, Eric Bledsoe, Luke Ridnour and Andre Drummond.
    I'm obviously not looking for a 1st rounder here, just another role player who is in a better situation than Okafor.

    Would players like JJ Hickson, Tristan Thompson, Kevin Seraphin, Spencer Hawes, Ersan Ilyasova, Javale McGee, Jared Sullinger, Amir Johnson, Jason Thompson, Larry Sanders, Louis Scola be attainable or make any sense?
    For example, would you rather have Larry Sanders or Okafor and Drummond?

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    • i dont think youll be able to get a big man for okafor unless they are struggling right now. i mean who is going to see a trade offer and then get excited that they are getting offered okafor?

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      • I hear you. It's very hard trading 1 for 1 for same positions... Which is why I am considering adding another role player like Kidd who's ranked very high by Yahoo, Gee who is good for steals and 3's, Drummond who has huge upside or someone like that.
        But, even if it were 1 for 1, I was thinking there MIGHT be a possibility that another manager thinks Okafor can keep up his current production, so if I trade them for someone with slightly lesser stats but with bigger upside in my eyes, he might bite.
        But thanks for your input.

    • Sanders hands down. But i doubt Sanders owner would trade you straight up for Okafor. What did you get for Love? I also could not stash him, for i am 2nd to last place... so i dropped him. he is on the waiver and no one is picking him up. 8-10 weeks is too long, playoff starts in 5 weeks.

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      • I think you are either in a very wierd and unique league, or you are mistaken about when the playoffs start... Nearly all leagues have their playoffs somewhere between weeks 21 and 24.
        5 weeks would be week 17, or a full 5 weeks earlier than the earliest start of playoffs that I've heard of.
        Latest report I heard was Love would return no earlier than March 12th, which would be I think week 19 or 20. Giving him 1 or 2 weeks before fantasy playoffs... Which could definitely be enough time for him to come back and start producing. But considering he came back too early last time, and was shooting horribly, I could'nt risk it.

      • Thanks. Yeah I wasn't trying to imply that I thought I could get Sanders straight up lol. I was considering Drummond AND Okafor for Sanders. But I like Drummond's upside a lot.
        Here is the Love trade I did:
        Love, Ellis, D Jordan
        Igoudala, Matthews, Okafor

        I really needed some SF eligible players and felt like Matthews vs. Ellis was fairly close, and I would make up for the lost assists with Iggy.
        Not a bad deal at all IMO, since I was considering dropping Jordan anyways, and would have had to drop Love if I couldn't come up with a trade.


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