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  • Char Char Jan 19, 2013 3:36 PM Flag

    Non- Blockbuster Trade

    Sanders hands down. But i doubt Sanders owner would trade you straight up for Okafor. What did you get for Love? I also could not stash him, for i am 2nd to last place... so i dropped him. he is on the waiver and no one is picking him up. 8-10 weeks is too long, playoff starts in 5 weeks.

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    • Thanks. Yeah I wasn't trying to imply that I thought I could get Sanders straight up lol. I was considering Drummond AND Okafor for Sanders. But I like Drummond's upside a lot.
      Here is the Love trade I did:
      Love, Ellis, D Jordan
      Igoudala, Matthews, Okafor

      I really needed some SF eligible players and felt like Matthews vs. Ellis was fairly close, and I would make up for the lost assists with Iggy.
      Not a bad deal at all IMO, since I was considering dropping Jordan anyways, and would have had to drop Love if I couldn't come up with a trade.

    • I think you are either in a very wierd and unique league, or you are mistaken about when the playoffs start... Nearly all leagues have their playoffs somewhere between weeks 21 and 24.
      5 weeks would be week 17, or a full 5 weeks earlier than the earliest start of playoffs that I've heard of.
      Latest report I heard was Love would return no earlier than March 12th, which would be I think week 19 or 20. Giving him 1 or 2 weeks before fantasy playoffs... Which could definitely be enough time for him to come back and start producing. But considering he came back too early last time, and was shooting horribly, I could'nt risk it.


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