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    Does anyone know any other source other than Rotowire? I find myself losing listening to them. Also they would say pointless things like this remark about Russell Westbrook, #$%$, " ... It is not a stretch to say he is a must own in all league formats." WHY WOULD YOU EVEN HAVE TO MENTION THAT ABOUT WESTBROOK! Even a two person league need to own Westbrook!

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    • In my opinion those sites should only be used for injury updates, and roster changes.
      Making any brash moves because of what they opine would be dumb IMO.
      I suggest using them for injury reports, and then using a variety of other sources to form your own opinions. I don't think there are any sites out there that will tell you what to do with your specific team for you to win.
      Using Rotoworld, local sports media sites for inside scoops on certain teams/players, following players, teams, analysts, local media on twitter, forums like this one and just watching as many games as you can is the best way to go about it in my opinion.
      I think Rotoworld is hilarious. Someone with top 25 value has 2 bad games and they start talking about dropping them, then when they blow up in the next game they say, I hope you didn't drop him! Or a 2nd round quality player will have 1 bad game and they say, make sure nobody in your leagues dropped him. Seriously? What kind of leagues are they playing in?
      Some of them also have strong biased for or against certain players, teams and coaches, and it shows.... I remember 1 of them #$%$ every single night about the Thunder coach limiting Ibaka's minutes and playing Perkins. He kept pointing to the box scores for his arguement. But players like Perkins do things that help teams win that don't show up in the box score. I mean, they made it to the friggin finals didn't they? ANd now that Ibaka is playing more this year and producing, they act like they are a genius. Well, they were winning last year too. lol.


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