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  • Space7 Space7 Jan 18, 2013 11:17 AM Flag

    My is struggling! Need Ur Help!

    My team is struggling with injuries and underachieve players? How to make my team more competive.? Any trades or adjustment to make?

    My team roster:
    14 team H2H 9 cat (currently in 11th)
    PG Dragic, Felton, Calderon
    SG Klay, Derozan, Harris
    SF G.Wallace, Leonard
    PF Pau, Nene, Seraphin
    C Al Jefferson, Pekovic

    Notable FAs: Neal, Ben Goron, Shumpert, Kris Hump, CJ Miles, Mullens and Patterson.

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    • anyone? need more help!

    • Dang! Now Pekovic is out for 7-10 days... My team never being healthy, Like Timberwolves.

    • My weakest cat are: 3's, pts, Rebs and stls.

    • Well it seems to me that it has more to do with injuries than anything else. And that makes it pretty hard becuse nobody is going to want to give good value to any injured or injury prone player.
      I think for the most part you need to stick with what you have and hope that guys get healthy. But if anyone wants to give you decent value in return for guys like Gasol or Nene I'd definitely do it.
      With Gentry out of PHX, I suspect Goran Dragic will mysteriously start producing at a higher level, and with Felton returning fiarly soon, I think you should be OK at the PG slot.
      Personally I'd try to trade Derozan to a team that needs/overvalues scorers, and try to get someone less 1 dimensional. I know he averages 1 steal per game, and good FT% but some guys over value him and you might be able to get someone who might not score as much, but can help you in other categories.
      Not sure what the competition is like, but selling high on Devin Harris would be nice. I just don't trust him to keep up his current production... Having Lou Will play more mintues and Harris playing a bench role makes more sense to me.
      I don't think I'd drop any of your players for those FA's, so you wil have to try to work some trades.

    • Should I offer my Dragic, Nene and Derozan for his Teague, Beal and Gortat?

      His other notable player: Jure and Affalo

    • Thx. Need more advice!

    • Trade everyone except al jefferson ... package dragic/leonard for lillard if you can get that , but go for a better pg ... wallace sucks , package him with nene and go for a better big man , trade pau and klay for gay ... or go along those lines ... hope this helps ... answer my post

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      • I would disagree with the Dragic/Leonard for Lillard suggestion... Dragic has been struggling, but if he comes out of it, which is highly likely with a new coaching system, he could easily have similar value to Lillard by himself. If I had to pick between the two, I'd still take Lilard, but not by a margin of Kawhi Leonard, who is finally starting to come into his own... Not to mention Lillard is playing crazy high minutes, and could very well hit a rookie wall, OR have his minutes reduced by the coach. Theres just no way Portland can be successful with their starting 5 averaging such high MPG.
        I'd also disagree about Wallace sucking. He's been injured and struggling, but when he's healthy, the variety of categories he produces in can be very helpful, even if it is not eye catching.. But I still agree, if you can package him for an upgrade, do it.

    • Oops, my team is struggling...


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