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  • Moose Moose Jan 14, 2013 10:09 AM Flag

    Injured Adds? Will answer your question

    This is a 14 team h2h points league and I was wondering if, once back, are any or all of these guys are worth an add.
    There are 10 starting spots and 3 bench with no IR, so not a lot of room to keep people who aren't playing.

    Here is a list of people who are injured or recently came back from injury, that are available
    Wilson Chandler
    Byron Mullens
    Mo Williams
    Andrew Bogut
    Iman Shumpert

    Are any of these guys worth an add without waiting to see if they are still able to produce well once they come back?
    Will answer your question if you ask it.

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    • I don't think Shumpert or Bogut should be considered in a points league at this point.

      Chandler is a nice speculative add, he had a nice game recently, but there isn't a lot of upside for him while he's on the same team as Iggy and Galinari. He seems like a high possibility to be traded which could increase his value by a lot if he stays healthy.
      Bargnani and Mullens could also hold value in a points league, but neither are worth rushing to go grab right now, especially if you'd be dropping a consistent guy.

      Who are your worst players you would consider dropping?

    • Wilson Chandler got back, the only way he will keep his production is being traded from that stacked lineup of DEN
      Bargs is expected to be traded, dont really know who is gonna like a big man with bad reb and FG%
      Mullens is a rollercoaster but he's solid for 3's, reb and points... He's worth looking since he's in Charlotte
      Mo Williams is starting PG, cant talk much about him cause I dont know much
      Bogut obviously starting C, wont even think of adding him unless is a keeper
      Shumpert is the most expected to come back soon and produce at a high level... stacked front court in NYK? not really, Kidd could really use some help, Prignioni is nice but old, JR will always be a BN player, whats left? Brewer which isn't an offensive threat...
      If I get to pick up 2, I will go with Shump and Mullens, if someone in DEN gets traded well Chandler will be a great add...


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