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  • CWizzle CWizzle Jan 12, 2013 12:02 AM Flag

    When will Ilyasova have SF eligibility

    I had an opportunity to trade for him and buy extremely low earlier on, because I had a feeling he'd break out of his slump eventaully, but I didn't because I really needed someone with SF eligilbilty. With David West and Kenneth Faried I couldn't afford to have 3 PF only elgible guys.
    I remember going through this last year with Josh Smith and his PF eliglibity. After many emails to yahoo from various people on here, it was determined that at least up until last year Yahoo doesn't have any specific sets of criteria that make them change it.
    For instance, they don't have a rule like: 6 starts at that position and they are eligible. It seems like they just decide whenever they feel like it!
    I also wish Jared Sullinger would get C eligiblity! I know he's not a must own player in 12 team leagues (yet) but I am in a few 16-20 team leagues where he'd be much more interesting to own if he could be inserted at the center slot also.

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