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  • DarksteeL DarksteeL Jan 10, 2013 9:11 PM Flag


    I've been offered Aldridge for my Irving.

    12 Team 10Category - Roto League (w/ 3pt%)
    Currently #5 at rankings.
    FG% - 3rd
    FT% - 2nd
    3ptm - 6th
    3pt% - 3rd
    Pts - 3rd
    Reb - 12th
    Ast - 8th
    Stl - 9th
    Blk - 8th
    OT - 7th

    My Team (5th)
    G - Irving, Stuckey, Collison
    F - Batum, KG, Harden
    C - Jthompson, Nene
    U - Beal, Crawford
    B - Tyreke, McGee, Amare

    His Team (7th)
    G - Conley, Jack, Dudley
    F - TYoung, Aldridge, JRSmith
    C - Sanders, Gasol
    U - BLopez, Hayward
    B - Delfino, Rose, Richardson

    ** Is the trade good for my team? or maybe I should make a counter offer and toss in other players to make it a 2 - 2 deal...
    I'm hesitant to part with Irving considering how he's been playing these past few days.. but Aldridge could give me a boost in Reb and Blk...

    notable FAs
    Derrick Williams
    Knight (waivers)

    I COULD REALLY USE SOME HELP HERE. I would really appreciate it.
    Thanks in advance. I'll answer back too. :)

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