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  • KJC KJC Jan 7, 2013 4:12 PM Flag

    Trade Help

    I was sent this trade:

    Me: Greg Monroe, Jrue Holiday for

    Other team: Jason Kidd, Gerald Wallace, David Lee ( what I would get)

    My concerns are that Iman Shumpert is nearing a return that will cap Jason Kidd's production going forward. David Lee is playing nice but Andrew Bogut is also nearing a return which I think will take some of Lee's production. And Gerald Wallace just looks completely terrible on that nets team.

    What would you guys do. thanks for the help.

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    • i feel like the knicks appreciate kidd's presence on the floor and his overall production and efficiency is not completely determined by how many minutes he gets. what stats do you think bogut will negatively affect lee? maybe his rebounds a little bit but i cant see much else. yea wallace, not playing too well, but at least he gets good defensive stats. monroe and holiday are definitely solid but you get good players in return including the most valuable player involved in lee

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      • I understand what your saying but as of right now Jason Kidd is the Knicks best perimeter defender. When Iman Shumpert comes back he will be their best perimeter. And I don't care how you see it, if Jason is not on the floor he will not have fantasy value. The value you are referring too that he adds in minimal minutes is just to the knicks and their team in real life. As far as how I think Bogut will affect David Lee. He will affect his rebound production and David Lee's shots will go down. Right now he is all they have in the post and sometimes Carl Landry when he get minutes. So Davids gets all the post touches. When Andrew comes back he will take some of those touches from David. Its inevitable. Gerald is just trash right now. They run no play for him and he gets ghost on that team in most nights at this point. He is far from what he youst to be in Charlotte. His decline started last year with Blazers. He is always injured and nursing something. Thanks for the thorough response thought. I always love to talk basketball with people who actually have knowledge. Thanks.

    • I'd keep what u have. Answer mine "Grab Jamison?'