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  • Should i trade Hibbert now? I have been patient with him the whole season but it seems his game is not the same like last year. Although last game he was impressive do you think his game is now on the upside? if ever i will trade him for PF/C or SF who should i get that has his same value so that it will be a fair trade?

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    • If you just don't have the patience to wait for Hibbert's wrist to recover then trade him after he puts together a solid little run of games. I personally still think he will be a beast once he gets his shooting hand back to full strength, but I haven't heard any news that gives a solid timetable on when he will be back to full strength.

    • I own Hibbert too, I think you have to stick with him at this point. He's 3rd in blocks which is a valuable stat and he still rebounds well. Hopefully he gets his offense figured out soon, luckily I have enough guys shooting high enough FG% to make up for his shooting so even if he could get up to around 45% would be a huge plus for my team.

    • It's hard to tell, but I personally don't think he's ever going to go back to playing like he did last year, offensively. He is still rebounding and blocking shots enough to have value though. But with his highly publicized struggles, I'm not sure how others would value him.
      I doubt the owner would want to do this, but I'd give a shot at Gortat. He's been inconsistent and disappointing at times this year too. But he has actually played pretty well lately, so you'd probably have to add a 2nd player to that trade for them to think about it. But depending on how they value him, they'd be recouping most of the rebounds and all of his blocks, so if they don't need him for his scoring and somehow look past the FG% they might bite... But like I said only if you add someone else most likely.
      He's just 1 guy I thought of. Most players that would be worth trading for you'd probably have to add someone else in the mix, because HIbbert has struggled so bad, that 1 or 2 good games probably wont be enough to sway people into wanting him.

      You could maybe trade him for Andre Drummond if you want to trade bad FG% for bad FT%?

      Most others that would be reasonable value straight up for HIbbert, I'd rather keep Hibbert.


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