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  • CWizzle CWizzle Jan 7, 2013 12:35 PM Flag

    Drop Terry?

    I think the only way Jason Terry will have consistently better value than some of those FA's is if Boston makes a trade. I watch all the Celtics games, and it's a small sample size, so things could change, but it seems so far that they are starting Avery Bradley, and then whoever happens to be playing better that night between Lee and Terry get most of the extra minutes. This adds up for a very inconsistent fantasy option. But if they trade Bradley or Lee ( I personally hope they don't) Terry would step into a bigger role and would probably have more value than any of those guys.

    If you decide to drop him, I'd go with Gee for overall production, Stuckey for highest chance of assists, Anderson for 3's/steals or Delfino for 3's/steals. I'm not big on Salmons, Miles has basically NO stats besides 3's and scoring and kills your FG%, and Danny Green is just too inconsistent for me personally.

    I wouldn't drop Ily for Cunningham or Blatche. I'd try to trade someone else on my team, and tack on Ilyasova as an extra. He's not playing great, but people know he has high potential, so it's a little bit better than adding a complete scrub onto a trade offer. Unfortunately it looks like you could use help in most positions, so I dont know who to recommend trading. With Bynum out, it's hard to rely on Bosh, Millsap and Sanders. If Sanders doesn't fall off and Utah makes a trade, they could be enough, but right now I'd rather have 1 more sturdy PF/C to shore up my front court.
    But you also have some very injury prone PG's, but I think I'd just ride that storm, and pray that Lillard doesn't hit a rookie wall, and Lowry and Wall stay healthy.
    I'd also like to see some more consistentcy in your SG position. Beal has talent, and I don't own him in any leagues so maybe I'm off, but the games I've seen him in, he's looked unsure of himself a lot, leading to poor shooting. I think since he has some name value as a highly prospected rookie, I might try trading him for someone more consistent.

    Not trying to point out every little thing wrong on your team, it's not bad overall, just trying to point out what I notice so maybe there's something you didn't see and can benefit from it... Good Luck.

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    • Wow. You were spot on with everything! You can tell I've been battling to stay afloat all year and things aren't getting any easier. Thanks for putting what I've been thinking into words. The trades have been tough this year and like you said the names should/can help but the inconsistencies are the deal breaker. I will continue to look for opportunities to get less injury prone and more consistent players.

      Thanks again for the in depth analysis. Really appreciate it.


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