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  • CWizzle CWizzle Jan 5, 2013 12:52 PM Flag

    KG for Robin Lopez trade

    12 team h-2-h 9 category non keeper league

    I was just offered Kevin Garnett for my Robin Lopez
    At 1st I thought this was a no-brainer and I should accept. But after looking at the stats, Lopez hasn't actually don't that bad with the return of Anthony Davis. He has a much higher block potential than KG, but I'm not as concerned with that since I already have good shot blockers.
    So, besides the blocks I'd be losing out, is there any other reason to NOT accept this offer?
    I know KG is old, I'm a huge Celtics fan, I watch every game. I feel that if he doesn't get injured, this trade will work out for me in the long run. I could really use his PF eligiblity, his assists and just overall production.
    So, I'm leaning towards accepting it and taking the gamble on his health, but a 2nd look at the numbers is making me 2nd guess myself lol.
    Is this 1 as straight forward as I originally thought, or am I undervaluing my own guy (Lopez).

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    • lopez has been pretty good this year and i think him and davis will combine to make a pretty good defensive combo and i like that he has good %s and doesnt turn the ball over. but garnett also has good %s and few turnovers and his pts, rebounds, and assists will all be higher than lopez's going forward. he should also be a much more consistent producer and while i wish he could be at 1 stl and 1 block a game, if you have other people getting blocks i dont mind the downgrade there. i think garnett is more reliable and has a higher floor going forward, but if they both play their best ball they have similar overall value

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      • Okay thanks. Like I said, the downgrade in blocks shouldn't really effect me too bad, as I have a surplus of shot blockers already. I added Lopez from the FA list a while back when 1 of my shot blockers was injured.
        I feel that as long as KG doesn't get injured, he will have better overall value for the 2nd half of the season compared to Lopez. But the stats so far are pretty even and I believe overall favor Lopez, although he did do some of his damage when Davis and Jason Smith were both out. Not to mention if Eric Gordon by some miracle stays healthy, I don't see Lopez scoring 20 pts that many nights.


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