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  • Tom H Tom H Jan 5, 2013 12:44 AM Flag

    David West for Kyle Korver?

    I'm in a public league team H2H standard scoring. I need help with: three-pointers, in particular. I only have three eligible active guards out of twelve active players (Derrick Rose is on my bench and will be back in February).

    I would like to trade David West for Kyle Korver.

    Here is my team:

    B Lopez
    A Davis
    Derrick Rose

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    • So first you want to trade West for Korver, then you think you wanna trade West for Wall, but when Wall is healthy?

      Here's the thing, You could MAYBE get Wall now for West while Wall is out. You will definitely not get Wall for West when Wall is healthy.

      West for Korver isn't a good deal for you. Korver is playing great right now (by Korver's standards), but West is a better player by far and you could get more for him than Korver in return. I would be surprised if Korver can keep up his recent production all season.

      You should be looking for a better all around player in return for West. Klay Thompson gets more threes and more overall production and hasn't found his ceiling yet. Wes Matthews is getting back in the saddle, pours it on from downtown and does a bit of everything else, Joe Johnson might be worth a shot even though his big name might keep an owner from giving him up. Lou Williams could be an option if you feel comfortable gambling on his possible breakout.

    • I might try trading David West for John Wall when Wall is healthy again. Thoughts?

    • No, just no.

    • hahaha i was not sure if this was a joke. if you trade david west for korver then you should not be in a fantasy pool. please do not do that. you are getting ripped off big time!


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