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  • CWizzle CWizzle Jan 4, 2013 12:31 PM Flag

    Millsap is WAY better than Cousins!!!!

    The title of my post is not my opinion, it was what I was rudley told was the cold hard truth on here.

    So not even a couple weeks ago, I got bombarded and completely trashed by people on here because I said that I would rather have Demarcus Cousins on my team than Paul Millsap.
    Literally every single response was in favor of Millsap, even making fun of me for thinking a guy like Cousins could come closet o a guy like Millsap.
    Some pointed at the difference in FG%, like that 1 category alone made me look like an idiot for thinking Cousins had more potential.

    So, just wondering, does EVERYONE on this message board STILL think that Paul Milsap is hands down the better option in a h-2-h keeper league compared to Demarcus Cousins?

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    • Cousins i Keepef with more upside.Answer mine "Championship team?"

    • I agree with you. Personally I'd rather have Cousins. I know he has his shortcomings (like bad FG% for a big man and he's a knuckle head), but I think he has more to offer, especially in my league which is a 12-cat 12 team h2h league. I've never been a huge Millsap fan, however if he, Jefferson or Favors gets traded, Millsap could potentially produce at a really high level again. That being said, we heard the same trade rumors last year and nothing happened. I am a Jefferson owner in my league though so I do hope one of those guys gets traded so Jefferson can beast!

      Also, if Cousins ever got his head on straight or Keith Smart ever established consistency by establishing a set rotation and giving all PG duties fully to Isiah Thomas and not Brooks (who is absolutely horrible offensively and defensively but some reason STILL gets minutes), I think Cousins has the potential to be elite in fantasy.

    • If Cousins wasn't retarded, I'd rather take Cousins. If he ever matures he'll be a good basketball player.

    • U mad? Sounds like you got sand in your vagina.

    • Nights like what DMC had tonight make people like that look foolish.

    • Cousins=Curry 2.0

    • I like both, but if I had to make a decision in a keeper league I would take Cousins. His percentages are not pretty, but I actually believe that his FG% will improve by next season. I like bigs that get steals and dimes and Cousins fits the bill while getting better boards than Millsap. Millsap is a better thief, but Cousins is a better passer (he just doesn't have anyone to pass it to that makes shots, Millsap has Jefferson to pass to which inflates his dimes). Both of these players have futures that are up in the air. Millsap is wilting in Utah's crowded front court rotation when he should be going off during his peak years. Cousins is a head case on a team that is in the darkest days of any NBA team I've seen in recent history (Eff the Maloofs!!!). Right now it looks like Cousins is playing as hard as he can to attract some trade interest, if he ends up on a squad that has solid veterans, regular rotations and a coach that isn't an absolute idiot, he could turn into an all-star overnight. That kind of potential is hard to come by, head case or not, and any team would be happy to have his talent. If he stays in Sac, he is guaranteed to be option #1 for the rest of his days. Ultimately I would gamble on Cousins upside in a keeper league.

      Millsap could turn into a beast in his own right if Utah trades either him or Big Al away. If Utah is smart (and I don't think the current owners are, see Sloan vs Williams) they will ship Big Al for some unquestionable talent in the wings and/or a legit scorer. It seems more likely that Utah will let go of Millsap and regret it for years (that's just what my gut tells me). Millsap's future on another team is hard to gauge, I think he's great, but he could end up in the same position he's been in in Utah as an undersized PF and end up sharing time with some bigger players. I see his upside capped by the thing that has capped his entire career, not being as big as the guy on the other team. Which is too bad, cause I love Millsap and think he deserves to be out there for 35+ minutes every night.

    • will cousins ever get his act together? definitely not as a king and i guess i dont have faith in a guy who doesnt seem to be a good team player. people keep talking about his great potential but i see a guy who has such little potential because he doesnt play the game the right way and struggles to contribute in important ways or play consistently. with that said, i think a lot of people would rather have him than millsap

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      • I like your response. I was nevery tryingto say that Cousins is the best player in the world, or that Millsap sucks. I just found it funny that SO many people felt the need to attack me for saying that I would rather have Cousins on my team and work around his low FG%. It's not like I was saying I'd rather have Kirk Hinrich over Chris Paul lol.
        The thing about his potential is that he can put up huge numbers while looking lathargic and bored out on the court. If he can ever put everything together phsyically AND mentally I don't even know what he could do.

    • You are the kind of person who trades Kevin Durant for like three scrubs who are hot at start of season...

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      • You are the kind of person who makes simple minded assumptions about things you nothing about. Have you ever been in a league with me? Ever seen any of my trades? Can you find anything in my original post that says anything about me thinking that Millsap sucks and Cousins is the best player in the world? No, I was simply stating how a lot of (not all) people on this message board are short sighted. They think that if a player who is very talented has 2 rough weeks he is a scrub, and that if a no name player scores 20 points in a blowout loss that they are the next Lebron.
        If you think that in both their current situations Millsap is the better player, good for you. But if you think that in their current situations that Millsap is a 1st rounder and Cousins is a scrub who sould be on the FA list, then you are a #$%$ My entire point, which was obviously lost on you, as will this one, was that they are actually very close to each other, at least statistically. Millsap has a much better FG% (which any decent manager can work around a single player with low %'s) and also averages 0.2 blocks more per game. Cousins has better FT% Pts, Rebs, Asts and steals. So I don't see what the big deal is, for me to say that they are both good players.

        BTW, if you read any of my posts on here, you would know how I value KD and "scrubs". But I actually DID trade KD in 1 league, 1st week too just like you said. But maybe you think KD and Tristan Thompson for Chris Paul, Kevin Love and Lou Williams is just getting a bunch of scrubs in return.

    • You are a sucker for a game or two. I dont want a pf who shoots 41% on my team. Im glad for players like you who got suckered into blowing a third round pick on this bum. Thank you we need losers to have winners...

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      • If you can't figure out a way to win with 1 high volume shooter with a low shooting percentage then you are the sucker. Millsap is a good player, with high potential if he ever gets out of Utah or some space clears up for him to take on a more major role. But Cousins can put up beastly numbers without even trying. Millsap has had a ton of struggles while trying real hard. And people are always quick to point out the FG%. Are you being serious? You would rather take a guy with better FG% and worse stats in nearly all other categories? I LOVE having suckers like YOU in my leauges.
        Chris Kaman shoots over 50% for the field, would you trade Cousins away from him? You are an idiot.

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