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  • ChrisB ChrisB Jan 3, 2013 7:40 PM Flag

    Marcus Thornton

    Marcus Thornton was dropped in my league and cleared waivers. On here everyone seems to think I should #$%$ him up saying "he's going to turn it around soon"

    Why does everyone love him?

    In 2010/11 he did average 21/5/4 with 2 3's, but only in 27 games with the Kings. Obviously those are outstanding fantasy numbers. However last season he slipped to 19/4/2 with 2 3's, which is still a solid contribution from his position. But this season is now almost half over and he sits 13/3/1 with about 2 3's. Why does everyone seem convinced he will turn this around?

    Side note: I have a streaming spot, but our league limits pickups to 4 per week: I already have used 3. I can pick him up, but then am out of pickups for the week...He already cleared waivers...Should I drop Shved for him?

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