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  • CWizzle CWizzle Jan 3, 2013 4:12 PM Flag

    Would you drop anyone?

    Here is my not so appealing looking squad:

    PG's - Goran Dragic, Steve Nash, Shelvin Mack
    PG/SG's - Lou Williams, Ramon Sessions
    SG/SF's - Wes Matthews, Kawhi Leonard, Kyle Korver
    PF/C's - Blake Griffin, Chris Kaman, Jason Thompson, Kevin Seraphin, Andrew Bynum

    16 team h-2-h 9 category keeper leauge
    start: PG,SG,SF,PF,C,Util each day.

    This is my only team that I'm not happy with, but it actually has started to turn the corner. But until I make some more trades, would you drop any of those guys for any of the FA's?

    Shelvin Mack is obviously my weakest link, but since I went to a bunch of the Red Claws D-league games and saw him, I saw his potential and grabbed him in case he caugh fire. Looks like Garrett Temple's better defense is holding Mack's minutes and value down so I'd be okay with dropping him now.
    Besides that though, Sessions, Korver, Seraphin and Leonard seem to be my next weakest guys, but they are all producing just enough to make dropping them tough in a 16 team league.

    Free Agents:
    Lavoy Allen (PF,C)
    Kosta Koufos (PF,C)
    DJ Augustin (PG)
    Landry Fields (SG,SF)
    Alan Anderson (SG,SF)
    Marvin Willliams (SF)
    Martell Webster (SG,SF)
    Jodie Meeks (SG)
    Gary Neal (PG,SG)
    Lamar Odom (SF,PF)

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    • augustin has value if hill continues to miss time, but im not too sure what his injury really is. i would take koufos if you like him more than seraphin otherwise hes just not gonna help you. there are times when i would advocate streaming, but not here, you cant afford to kill your FG% or TOs with this squad and most of those guys will not help in many cats. what cats have you been struggling in most?

    • I would just drop Shelvin Mack for a plug and play spot on days when the schedule is weak. Having a streaming slot is more valuable than his long term prospects.

      I would hold on to Sessions, Korver, Leonard and Seraphin all of them are starting to put together a decent season and most of them only have one direction to go from here, up. In a sixteen team league those guys would get scooped up in a second and you'd never see them again. All of them can make for good trade lube as well; you could use any one of them to boost a trade that improves on some of your core pieces.

    • Is Tristan Thompson available? If not, I like Koufos the best out of all the free agents. Odom has the most potential if he can start shooting better.

    • I'd stay put, add Koufos if Bynum misses more time. Answer mine "Stash Bargs or Glen Davis?"


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