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  • Ant Ant Jan 2, 2013 3:01 PM Flag

    Use 3rd waiver on Ricky Rubio?

    1st waiver is being used on Roy Hibbert (Some dummy dropped him)

    Guy with second waiver is the one who dropped him giving me first dibs.

    Is he worth it? I know someone else will use there waiver on him. I would drop either Humphries or Kawhi Leonard. Original owner was tired of low production/low minutes and gave up on him.

    My team:

    PG: Steve Nash
    SG: Andre Iguadola
    G: Kyrie Irving
    SF: Paul George
    F: Josh Smith
    PF: Nene Hilario
    C: Demarcus Cousins
    C: Nikola Pekovic
    Util: Greivis Vasquez
    Util: Aaron Affalo
    Bench: Kris Humphries
    Bench: Kawhi Leonard
    Bench: Andre Drummond

    12 team H2H

    Categories are


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    • i dont like a rubio/vasquez/nash combo that much at pg and it seems like good players are getting dropped so unless you think rubio will have solid trade value for you at some point i would hold off

    • While I think Rubio should definitely be owned in all 12 team leagues, and will eventually play better than he is right now, I don't think I'd use your waiver on him, for a few reasons.
      1) With Nash, Irving, Vasquez and Iggy I don't think you really need the assists that badly
      2) Rubio's injury may effect his game all season. Even when healthy he had poor FG%, high TO's and relatively low scoring.

      3) Luke Ridnour, JJ Barea and Alexy Shved have all produced this season. Making i easier for the coach to limit Ricky's minutes.

      4) If he's still a FA, and somebody dropped Hibbert, it sounds like the dummies in your league might drop someone else more valuable in the future.

      I would personally not use 3rd priority on him in your specific situation. In other situations it would probably make sense, but not in yours.
      If he does happen to become a FA and nobody else takes him with a waiver,I'd feel comfortable dropping Humphries. I think Leonard is much more valueable than Hump.

      1 suggestion for your team would be to trade away some of your guys who have inflated value due to high FT%. If you are punting that category, you may be able to trade them for players who are better in the categories you need but have a lower value becuase of thier poor FT% which won't hurt you if you are punting.
      OR trade all your bad FT shooters, which would be much harder.


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