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  • Chustri Chustri Jan 1, 2013 4:47 AM Flag

    Carmelo Anthony

    Would It be bad for me if I traded him for Wesley Mathews and Tony Parker in a keepers league??
    My team:
    PG- Calderon, S.Mack (looking forward to drop him), A.Bradley
    SG- E.Gordon, K.Thompson
    SF- L.Deng, Luc Richard, Carmelo, Granger
    PF- Ibaka
    C- Bogut, Gortat, Pekovic, Brook Lopez, Hibbert

    Notable Players of his team: Nash, T.Parker, Al.Jefferson, B.Knight, W.Mathews, Pierce, DeroZan

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    • not a bad offer at all as mathews i feel is undervalued but as a keeper, i'm unsure if i want to keep parker who's only getting older. as crazy as it may sound, i may rather have nash as a keeper because i think he can be an elite pg again under d'antoni's system. however you do need a pg (in my opinion) so maybe this is the right trade for you. i think i might do it as you should be fine in the future at SF when granger returns. can you please answer a question i have about trading for dragic? thanks!

    • would like to get Mathews, either Parker, Knight or Nash and Jefferson
      Im willing to give Melo or Deng, one of my C but dont really see myself moving Ibaka since he is my only true PF
      I offered Deng and Lopez for Al, Knight and Mathews, fair??

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      • I like the idea of going after Matthews, but with Melo playing so well when he's actually playing this year, I think you could get 2 young up and coming studs, instead of 1 and an older player like Parker. I love Parker, but I'd rather have someone who has more upside in the future. Honestly in a keeper league if I was trying to manage for the future, I'd rather have Brandon Knight than T.P.
        But the offer of Deng and Lopez for Jefferson, Knight and Matthews is almost veto worthy to me. I wouldn't veto it because there is no cheating going on, but c'mon, really?
        Jefferson is better than Lopez, or we can stretch it real far and say they are equal.
        So you'd be giving up Deng who is a warrior but also injury prone, for Brandon Knight AND Wes Matthews. I think Deng for Matthews straight up is pretty fair, so when you throw in a PG with as much potential in a keeper leauge as Knight, I see no way that trade goes thru.


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