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  • Daniel Daniel Dec 29, 2012 10:58 AM Flag

    Melo for Irving

    I was ask if i would trade my Melo for Irving? Keep Melo or take Irving?
    Melo is having some injurie concerns and this is making me think of going with Kyrie

    Any Opinions on this offer?

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    • melo is not injury prone for one , hes just hustling more and hes all over the court , he'll be fine ... kyrie has already been injured in his first season and gets lil nicks (no pun intended) and bumps along the way this season . i'll take melo , i always like the player on a team with something to play for at the end .

    • I think the value is close enough that it comes down to the rest of your team. Which Forward will you be replacing Melo with in your lineup? Who are your other PG's?
      The way I look at it, they can both score, hit the 3, get steals and have similar percentages. So then it comes down to rebounds vs. assists. Although Melo gets more REbs than Irving gets assists, I still give the edge to Irving for 2 reasons. 1) rebounds are easier to come by on the FA wire than assists are most of the time. 2) While Melo gets more rebounds than assists, Irving gets more rebounds than Melo gets assists if that makes sense? Total per game average of rebs and asts for Melo is 8.1 while Irving's total average would be 9.4.
      Now I know that Melo scores a few more, and his FT% is a few points higher, but Irving also has a better A/T ratio.

      Add to that the fact that Melo is a little more injury prone, and Amare's return could somewhat effect his production, I think I'd take Irving. IF and only if I had some decent F's to replace Melo and needed the help at PG.
      If I was already pretty stacked at PG then this trade is too close to make it worth it.

      This is JUST my outlook on it. Others might see it completely differently.


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