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  • HOOP HOOP Dec 27, 2012 8:21 PM Flag

    Trying to make trades with other managers....

    Ever notice that as soon as another manager drafts a player or picks up a player from the free agent pool, that they think they are 10 times better than they really are?

    Sorry, just venting at some brutal offers I get after I send solid offers for stats they need according to the standings.

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    • I look at bad offers as either a starting point, or a good laugh. It means someone is willing to make a deal, and I usually make a counter offer that reflects their initial offer if I find it totally ridiculous and then make a legit offer right after, if in fact I want to deal with them. If I don't want anything they have, I say thanks but no thanks and forget about it completely. If I think they are making a fair offer I will either accept it or send them a very close counter offer with a minor tweak if it involves multiple players. Most importantly is the little e-mails and messages between us when the deal is being hammered out. Bad offers are part of the game, I usually find them amusing and I doubt that the managers sending them really expect someone to say yes. It's just them daydreaming out loud.

    • i got so tired of trying to trade with the managers in my leagues that i just decided to draft another team haha


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