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  • Alex Alex Dec 26, 2012 10:47 PM Flag


    so i traded d will kirlenko parsons for love calderon hickson......i did this cuz i thought id grab love b4 he gets to his old self but he just keeps shootn terrible is this ever gon end or did i still make a good move?

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    • I defintely would not have made that move, but at least you got Kevin Love in return. When he is 100% healthy if your team is still struggling you can always trade him for 2 nice players that can give you a more broad spectrum of stats.
      Even though 2 of your guys you traded are injury prone, I think your side has a lot more overall value. I just don't see Hickson keeping up this pace all year. He could easily prove me wrong but I would not gamble on him. Calderon is a nice PG, but unless he or Lowry get traded his value will always be capped on a team where he is not the bonafide starter.
      And while D-Will's shot has been horrible, he still has 1st round potential. Mix that with Parson's overall game and Kirilenko's great defensive stats and you got rid of a whole lot of depth.

    • I see a lot of spelling and grammatical errors so it appears you messed up very badly...

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      • I'm not English proffessor, but shouldn't you have ended your sentence with, "very bad" and not "very badly"? Since badly means greatly bad, you do not need to add very beore it. You could have said he messed up badly, or he messed up very bad. But, correct me if I'm wrong, I do not think "messed up very badly" is grammatically correct.
        I am also positive you have misused the ellipsis at the end of your incorrect sentence. I do not beleive you were intended to omit a word, a section of a quotation or indicate an unfinished thought.
        Like I said, I am not an English proffessor, so if you look hard enough you will probably find many mistakes in this post as well. But at least I didn't have multiple mistakes in a single sentence while trying to ridicule someone else for making mistakes. Which weren't even really mistakes. He was using a form of shorthand commonly used in text messaging, social media sites and elsewhere on the internet. Although it does not follow the proper rules of grammar, today it is a socially acceptable way of communicating quickly or informally.
        Did you really have trouble deciphering anything he wrote you #$%$ #$%$
        By the way, you also have a spelling error in your own user name. It looks like you have mistakenly used the letter "i" when it seems pretty obvious you were intention was to use the letter "a".

    • Love has eye injury now, and he will back to old self. Answer mine "Stash Rose now?"


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