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  • Tom C Tom C Dec 26, 2012 10:29 PM Flag


    alright in a standard 12 man public roto league who wins this trade

    Zach Randolph and Rondo
    Tim Duncan and Kev Martin

    and would you have the same answer if you saw my team as follows:

    o.j. mayo


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    • I think everyone who responded with the Zbo/Rondo side, or the ones who brought up Duncan being rested, must have missed the key word in the 1st sentence of the original post. "ROTO"!
      In h-2-h I like the Rondo side, but in Roto I'll take Duncan all day.

    • Well, I agree with the 1st post here. In h2h no question, but in roto it's sort of unnecessary. Plus, your team's well-rounded, which shows why you're in 1st place.

    • i like randolph and rondo personally

    • if this was h2h id probably make the move but not in roto. you already have good assists and rondo is unnecessary. duncan getting rested late, which people overreact to way too much, wont really hurt you in roto, and martin being inconsistent cause hes a bench player, which im not sure has much merit since the thunder's bench has been consistently producing for over a year, isnt too critical in roto. duncan provides way better overall stats than zbo does and i think this trade will affect your FT% negatively more than it will help any cats

    • Very close but Duncan/Martin is more valuable. For a roto league, Rondo isn't that good, and it doesn't matter if Duncan misses a few games late in the season since roto doesn't have playoffs.
      Here is basketballmonster's trade analysis:

      Round Rank Value Name
      2 17 0.28 Duncan, Tim
      6 70 -0.01 Martin, Kevin
      0.27 Get Players

      5 51 0.09 Rondo, Rajon
      5 56 0.05 Randolph, Zach
      0.14 Give Players

      0.13 Gains

    • Zo and Rondo, they are beast.

    • Z-bo and Rondo no question at all. The Big Fundamental has turned back the clock this year but remember Pop will eventually rest him..they dont care about having the most wins in the season..their goal is the playoffs...Kev Martin isn't appealing enough vs Z-Bo or Rondo..and his value has definitely taken a hit from his Sac Kings days...

    • i'd go with zbo and rondo all day provided both are healthy. Tim Duncan is having a great year but pop always benches his main guys when it gets close to the playoffs. Kevin Martin is no longer the primary scorer on his team and will have off nights.Keep in mind he's playing decent minutes but he's still coming off the bench and has been taken out towards the end of tight games for defensive purposes. (I have him on both my teams) With curry,cp3 and rondo you'd own steals and assists. Rondos obvious downside would be his ft%. Thats a 12 team league team? And you have cp3 so i'm assuming you drafted 3rd? You have to be owning that league

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      • very much so, in 1st with about 15 points on 2nd. and yes drafted 3rd. autopick with good pre-ranking. only reason i was stuck is because my only other SG is oj mayo. but id get a bump in rebounds, assists, steals, get killed in TO ( im dead last anyway) and lose 3's and ft%... still didnt pull the trigger =/


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