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  • Mello Mello Dec 23, 2012 10:02 PM Flag

    Goran Dragic

    What's going on with Dragic this year? I picked him up last year and he was fantastic on Houston. This leads me to believe that his coach sucks in Phoenix because he's clearly the best player and the Suns are terrible. They need to fire their coach and run and gun, otherwise their franchise is doomed and we're screwed in fantasyland!

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    • Dragic has only been a disappointment for people who expected him to duplicate his stats from his breakout last year. There was very little chance of that happening, at least for the long haul.
      Dargic has been in a slump, but overall this year he has been a pretty valuable fantasy PG. Obviously not on par with players like Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook, but you also didn't draft him 3-5th pick did you?
      I disagree with some things the coach is doing, but overall I think it's just a mess of a team and he's trying his best to figure out what works best. They weren't expected to be a contender anyways, so them struggling 1/3rd thru the season should not be a surprise.
      If he could up his points by 2 or 3 a game, and add 1 or 2 assists per game, he will be a top notch fantasy PG. At least 1.5 3PTM and steals per game, 17pts, 3 rebs and 7.5 asts is definitely attainable for him, and with pretty decent percentages would make him 1 of the better all around PG's in fantasy.

    • You guys are the reason gms cant listen to "fans". So now the "this guys is a bum" has shifted from gortat to dragic. Like some of the others have said these guys are not going to be 1st round material, but by the end of the year they will have earned at least what you invested. Learn a little patience...

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      • Well if you read my inital post, I'm saying that Dragic is a fantatic talent but his coach limits his potential with the offensive system. I drafted Dragic in the 3rd round based on last year and what tHe projections were saying about him playing on a misereable Suns team. I don't think he's better than others I you've drafted, but based on his skill and situation I assumed for "fantasy purposes" he would do more than he has so far. Hes been decent up tp this point in the season, but again, I blame his coach for his lack of potential production due to minutes received and the system that's run.

    • I agree with willis. Dragic playing as I expected. He's good, but he's not an all-star PG that will give you 20 points and 10 assists every night.

    • im pretty pleased with dragic so far this year

    • he still have value for trade, better set up a trade now! check out my post "kawhi leonard" thanks

    • Nothing is going on with him. His talent is being wasted in PHX as you mentioned. Same for Kings players like Evans and Cousins who keep regressing


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