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  • Augi Augi Dec 21, 2012 6:56 PM Flag

    Pick up Calderon for Big Baby or Redick?

    Do you see Calderon continuing or the same as before once Lowry returns?

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    • Nobody here can honestly tell you how the PG battle in Toronto is going to turn out. There have been some "rumors" released to the media, but that's about it. IF Jose starts when Lowry returns, I personally only see it as a short term thing to get Lowry integrated back into the offense, and maybe try to send a point to Lowry. But I see no scenario where the big time prospect that they went out and got and have been talking about ALL year, takes a bench role in favor of Calderon. It just doesn't make financial sense, even if he really is detrimental to the team.
      But, like I said, that is just my personal view on it, I don't have any inside connections with the management up there, nor does anyone else on this message board, so all of these bold statements need to be taken with a whole shaker full of grains of salt.

      But as far as picking him up, I would feel very comfortable dropping Big Baby for him, and would not even consider dropping Reddick for him. Reddick has been a solid all around producer this year, and even as a starter Jose would only top him in assists.
      Big Baby is out for a while, and even when healthy he was only really good for pts, rebs and the occassional steal. He didn't hit 3's, grab blocks or have high enough %'s to be very valueable.

    • i would drop glen for calderon for sure

    • depends upon what you need, if you need a pg choose calderon, if you need a c or sg, choose big baby or redick

    • Calderon is a must-own whether he starts or not, because Lowry hasn't shown he can stay healthy. Drop Baby for him

    • He's going to remain a starter. He won't be the same but he will still be worth owning.


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