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  • ChrisB ChrisB Dec 20, 2012 8:17 PM Flag

    Help me get Dwill and Aldridge

    So I have a pretty solid team in my opinion, but am trying to swap Dwight for another big man (Aldridge is my target). Aldridge is one my buddies team and he loves DWill but doesn't have what it takes it get DWill in a trade.

    So I am looking to trade Dwight + for DWill + then package DWill & Asik for Aldridge & Teague (or something similar, which we have already discussed)

    So what can I do to land DWill? I am looking at trying to get Evans and/or Martin in the deal as well...I think if Tyreke gets traded he could be very valuable...

    My Team:
    PG - Kyrie Irving, Goran Dragic, Jameer Nelson, Damian Lillard
    SG/SF - Dion Waiters, Manu Ginobili, Paul George
    PF/C -Anthony Davis, Ryan Anderson, Roy Hibbert, Omer Asik, Dwight Howard
    Luke Ridnour - Streaming Spot
    Andrew Bynum - INJ

    His Team:
    Deron Williams - TARGET
    J.J. Redick
    Kevin Martin - TARGET
    Tyreke Evans - TARGET
    Carl Landry
    DeMarcus Cousins
    Brook Lopez
    Chris Kaman
    Ray Allen
    Blake Griffin
    Jeremy Lin
    Metta World Peace
    Ben Gordon
    Joakim Noah

    Ultimately my goal is to turn Dwight in Aldridge (Can compete in FT% and Aldridge has a much better playoff schedule) then add Teague (Who also has a good playoff schedule) and then trade Dragic who has a bad playoff schedule who I am left needing by those deals...

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