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  • DarksteeL DarksteeL Dec 15, 2012 1:51 AM Flag


    I need your help in constructing a trade offer for this team.
    12Team-10Category ROTO League (3PT% included)
    G Irving, Harden, Evans
    F Batum, KG, JThompson
    C McGee, Nene
    U Collison, Stuckey
    B Patterson, Amare, JaCrawford

    G Teague, Martin, Ridnour
    F James, AK47, DaGreen
    C Griffin, Hibbert
    U KThompson, DAJordan
    B Mullens, Miles, Nash

    He needs FT%, AST and low TO.
    His STRONG categories are FG%, REB, BLK.
    NOW, what I really want are the REB and BLK stats. I'm really thin on assists too since I'm 11th and he's 9th.
    I'm also dead last on REB and 8th on BLK. I'm thinking on luring him with Crawford's FT% and low TO and/or Evans.
    I like Hibbert and Griffin. and AK47 too. Whom should I pair with Crawford? or just make another trade offer...
    OR make a trade offer for LBJ? (seems impossible though since the owner might not want to part with LBJ) but it's worth a try. Whom should I offer for him, then?



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