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  • Norman Norman Dec 12, 2012 11:06 AM Flag

    possible offer

    what sg could i get for deron williams

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    • I'd aim high at first. Even though D-Will has struggled with his shot this year so far, he was still a 1st round pick and has put up enough other stats to be valuable. He also has high name value. Personally I think that as long as he stays healthy he will turn his shot around and finish the season as a top 5 PG. So if you can find someone like me in your league who still believes in D-Will and has a SG to spare they might pay nicely for him.
      An offer for D-Wade or James Harden wouldn't hurt. I doubt they'd do it unless they were really dying for assists though.
      Next I'd try someone along the lines of: Batum, Matthews or Mayo.
      Honestly if you can't get any of those guys or similar, I'd either add someone else to the trade, or keep D-Will. But if you are desperate to get rid of him, try someone like Paul George who has been underperforming but has started to pick it up lately.


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