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  • Maury Maury Dec 11, 2012 6:50 PM Flag

    Monroe for Evan Turner?

    I was offered my Monroe for his Evan Turner. My team looks like this...

    SG.Jr Smith
    SF.Josh Smith
    K. Leonard

    Our cats ate fgm fg% fta ftm ft% 3ptm 3pt% pts oreb dreb reb ast stl blk to. After that i will be looking to trade Jr and sessions for a big guy and pick up Jack or Foye....

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    • Monroe is much more valueable than Evan Turner. If you make this move you will regret it for sure.
      Not to mention that with JR Smith, Batum, Melo, Leonard, and J Smith you have very strong wing players. If you give up Monroe you'd be relying on Noah, Duncan and Chandler.

      So, on a pure value standpoint, you lose. And as far as improving your team overall you lose. Not sure why yould would consider this?
      If anything I'd trade 1 of your wing players and SEssions for a high assist PG. Not that your PG's are bad, I really like those 3, but looks like you could benefit from a high assist guy to compliment them.

    • i value monroe above turner for sure and you dont really need turner at all

    • There's no way in hell I would take Turner in exchange for Monroe.
      Not looking at the numbers let's just say that Monroe is the centerpiece for the future of the Pistons and is really good at playing basketball.
      Turner is Jrue's sidekick or Jrue and Andrew's sidekick of the future and is playing way above his head right now. Don't be shocked to see him come crashing down to earth.


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