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  • Steve Steve Dec 10, 2012 10:13 PM Flag

    Pids are you mentally slow

    Just wondering.....

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    • ANother thing to consider is that Yahoo ranking also takes into account per-minute values.
      So if a player players 5 mintues per game and gets 5 points and 2 rebounds. He will likely be ranked higher than a player who plays 40 minutes per game and scores 20 points and 10 rebounds.
      So although statistically the guy playing 5 minutes is 'better', if you fill your fantasy team with those kind of players you will never win. Because the statistics don't take into account that if that guy playing 5 minutes actually played 40, his stats would not increase at the same rate.
      Although it would be pretty cool if they did. Then Greg Smith would be a MONSTER!

      But I do have 1 quesion for pids. I get what your point is from a statistical perspective, but although JKidd is statisically better right now in 9 cat leagues according to Yahoo's algorythms, you wouldn't rather have him than some of the players he's ranked above would you? Such as Russell Westbrook, Al Jefferson, Mike Conley, Lamarcus Aldridge, Rondo, Gay, etc etc etc.

    • I guess the conclusion of this thread is pretty clear isn't it:

      Pids is correct that if all cats are valued equally and against the league average (the Yahoo system), Kidd is ranked on the similar tier with Rondo. And that's obvious, unless someone is convinced calculation errors exist with the computers. The Yahoo system may not be the most perfect, but it should be close to be the fairest it has to offer for free.

      The rest in this thread are also correct that they don't need to refer to the Yahoo rankings and standard deviations to win their leagues. In fact, it is important that everyone has his own ranking system, whether it's calculated or based on personal preference. Everyone having the same value system would not make us want to play fantasy in the first place. Also, I guess Pids never said he plays fantasy based purely on Yahoo rankings.

      If anyone claims the other wrong in this thread, he may not be arguing about the same apple, since to me, everyone is correct here.

    • Yeah ALL of us are wrong & need to learn a thing or two about fantasy basketball i guess?.. btw how many leagues have you won pids?

    • I'm tired of trying to explain how rankings and statistics work in fantasy basketball. It is entry level statistics stuff, but you guys haven't bothered to learn it...you don't know how players are mathematically ranked or why standard deviations are important. You don't know how they weight the percentages for players who shoot more or less. This is barebones stuff and if you play fantasy you should know the math behind it...

    • Thanks for resorting to name calling when you can't come up with a logical argument. Show me how Rondo has outperformed Kidd so far in fantasy taking all 9 categories into account. Maybe I'll take you more seriously then.


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