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  • sonson sonson Dec 11, 2012 3:49 AM Flag

    Pids are you mentally slow

    I guess the conclusion of this thread is pretty clear isn't it:

    Pids is correct that if all cats are valued equally and against the league average (the Yahoo system), Kidd is ranked on the similar tier with Rondo. And that's obvious, unless someone is convinced calculation errors exist with the computers. The Yahoo system may not be the most perfect, but it should be close to be the fairest it has to offer for free.

    The rest in this thread are also correct that they don't need to refer to the Yahoo rankings and standard deviations to win their leagues. In fact, it is important that everyone has his own ranking system, whether it's calculated or based on personal preference. Everyone having the same value system would not make us want to play fantasy in the first place. Also, I guess Pids never said he plays fantasy based purely on Yahoo rankings.

    If anyone claims the other wrong in this thread, he may not be arguing about the same apple, since to me, everyone is correct here.


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