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  • Moose Moose Dec 9, 2012 12:31 PM Flag

    URGENT, QUICK ADD! Will answer your questions.

    I need someone to stream for today's games. This is a 14 team points league.
    Player (Team) - Opponent today
    Pietrus (TOR) - LAC
    Amir Johnson (TOR) - LAC
    Ed Davis (TOR) - LAC
    Beasley (PHO) - ORL
    Dudley (PHO) - ORL
    Brewer (DEN) - NY
    Kosta Koufos (DEN) - NY
    Steve Novak (NY) - DEN

    Will answer any of your questions that you have.

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    • I'd maybe go with Beasley though it's risky. He's probably the best there but just so inconsistent. You're probably safest with Brewer.

    • I think Corey Brewer has been the most consistent out of that group as of late. Beasley has the potential to go off for a huge game in points leauges, but also could just as easily put up a dud.
      For me it would be Brewer as a safe pick, or Beasley or Dudley as a risky choice.
      But I guess it depends on how the poinst are weighted. If rebounding and blocks are worth a TON more then Johnson might be a better choice?
      I'd stay away from Ed Davis, his minutes are inconsistent and he's dealing with an injury.

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      • The points are 1 for like the common stats (points, steals, assists, rebounds, blocks, fgm, ftm) and then -1 for (fta, fga, turnovers)

        As of now, I picked up Pietrus (because he was pretty good the last 2 games and played 40 minutes then 35)

        Brewer has been good lately, but it worries me that he is playing the Knicks and he doesn't start, as well as he has only been playing 23-24 minutes a game.

        Then with Beasley, I think it may have just been the Clippers, because he just goes off against them. But if it wasn't that, I wouldn't want to miss out. Do you think that I would be able to wait and see how he does today and then make a decision, or if he has a good game, do you think he will already be added?

        And Amir Johnson, I think would be a good add, but he doesn't get that many rebounds for a C and he also is not a great scorer. The most rebounds he has had in the last 12 days is 6, and that only happened once.

        So with the scoring update, would you still go with Brewer?

    • i would take beasley (he played well yesterday and could be comfortable with coming off the bench) and brewer (on fire lately)


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