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  • CWizzle CWizzle Dec 10, 2012 12:08 PM Flag

    FA: BEAL

    Well, the thing with Plantar Fasciitus is you never know when it will go away. It's not like a broken hand where when it's healed, it's healed. Nene was bothered by this last year too. Players in the past have had it, and then gotten over it fairly quickly, while some have gotten it and just had to manage it for the rest of their career.
    With Nene's overall talent level I don't blame you for being wary of dropping him. Especially with that much money on the line! ($1,000 buy in? are you crazy? but that's another story lol). But the way I look at it, the injury is someting that will probably linger all year, meaning he will never be getting 35 MPG which is where he'd have to be to live up to his full talent potential.... The Wizards suck so there is no sense to push Nene into playing. They can afford to give him nights off here and there, and reduce his minutes, and just use him in spots, and as a mentor to the other players... And with the emergence of Kevin Seraphin who needs heavy minutes to progress as a player, I just don't see Nene getting back to the level he once was at, at least while in Washington.
    But I could totally be wrong, that is just my own personal outlook on it.
    Beal should get an increase of minutes and role on team with PRice out. He is also one of their future stars, so at some point the team is going to have to realize they aren't going to win any championships this year, so they might as well give their young guns all the experience they can. I think Beal's outlook is on the way up, while Nene's is on the way down.

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