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  • CWizzle CWizzle Dec 9, 2012 12:48 PM Flag

    Keith Smart

    Hit the nail on the head again Dillon. I feel really bad for the Kings fans and the players. The owners are absolutely ruining it for them, and the coach is just an idiot. How he can justify benching Thomas is just beyond me. I remember at the beginning when Thomas was still starting, Smart would bench him down the stretch, and blamed it on his lack of experience and going with the more experienced Brooks... Well 1st, just because Brooks has played longer doesn't really translate into positive experience, and how in the hell is your young up and coming PG supposed to grow as a player if he is never inserted into a situation in which he can gain experience? And as a very young man what do you think that does to his self confidence? "Oh okay, the games on the line, quick get Thomas on the bench before he ruins it for us!". We'll, look how that has been working out!
    I'm a Celtics fan, but with League Pass I watch many, many games and whenever possible I watch the Kings, and I truely feel sorry for them. The veterans have nothing to play for, and the young guys have nobody to point them in the right direction.

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    • It's nice to hear so many sympathetic voices on the issue. I just figured the Kings had become the butt of jokes in a general sense. Good to see that fans of other teams recognize when owners take a dump on their fans and that it sucks too much to even make fun of. I'm currently looking away from the horror that is my Kings team getting slaughtered by the Mavericks right now. Smart is a toolbag and the Maloofs are tools, you'd think they'd be made for each other. Too bad they have to run my team. I wouldn't wish what the Maloofs are doing in any fans, not even Lakers fans.


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