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  • Dee Dee Dec 9, 2012 1:18 AM Flag

    Keith Smart

    Anybody frustrated about Keith Smart's decision to not let isaiah thomas get playing time??

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    • Man Keith Smart gonna have to quit Isaiah Thomas burning him frekin 26 points in 16 minutes!!

    • As a Kings fan there is almost nothing left to like about the Kings. The Maloofs are completely rotten, I recommend reading any of the stories written by Aaron Bruski about the Kings organization if you're into following how the Malloofs have inflicted copious damage on their name, the NBA, the Kings franchise and the people of Sacramento.

      Smart was an idiot in Golden State and hasn't changed much in Sacramento. Geoff Petrie can be blamed just as much, he's been pushing to get Aaron Brooks for years now and it seems like he's been handed the starting job in attempt to validate that pursuit. IT is clearly the best playmaker on the Kings, the only floor leader and the only guy that wants to make his team mates look good first. I feel like the movie Major League could be a documentary about the Kings organization right now.

      My short answer is yes, Keith Smart is insanely frustrating and his "system" is a train wreck and it sucks if you have IT on your fantasy squad.

      The long answer has more to do with how the franchise has essentially been gutted in terms of any real competitive value and I think the players are pretty aware of that. The Maloofs are too broke to fire Smart or Petrie at this point though (so a Cousins temper tantrum won't even get things to change), and they are intentionally putting a bad product on the floor so that when they file for relocation they can point to the fans for not supporting them as they drove this team head on into a brick wall.

      I got into basketball because of the Kings back in the Webber days. I became obsessed with that team and soon after with the NBA game at large. To see what the Maloofs have done to that team, that town and those fans is a bit heartbreaking.

      If you got this far in reading this post, thanks for reading my rant. I know I said more than necessary, but it has to come out sometimes.

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      • Thank You for this post, as a Knicks fan I don't keep up with the Kings so this enlightened me on the situation with the Kings atm and I really hope for a change because Isaiah would be a really good player I have seen his high lights and he can play I wish the best for the Kings organization..

      • Hit the nail on the head again Dillon. I feel really bad for the Kings fans and the players. The owners are absolutely ruining it for them, and the coach is just an idiot. How he can justify benching Thomas is just beyond me. I remember at the beginning when Thomas was still starting, Smart would bench him down the stretch, and blamed it on his lack of experience and going with the more experienced Brooks... Well 1st, just because Brooks has played longer doesn't really translate into positive experience, and how in the hell is your young up and coming PG supposed to grow as a player if he is never inserted into a situation in which he can gain experience? And as a very young man what do you think that does to his self confidence? "Oh okay, the games on the line, quick get Thomas on the bench before he ruins it for us!". We'll, look how that has been working out!
        I'm a Celtics fan, but with League Pass I watch many, many games and whenever possible I watch the Kings, and I truely feel sorry for them. The veterans have nothing to play for, and the young guys have nobody to point them in the right direction.

      • Good old Divac, Cweb, Peja, Christie, Bibby, B.Jackson days. As you said, they were the group what is got me into basketball. Much respect to Kings


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