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  • FUNtasy FUNtasy Dec 8, 2012 8:03 AM Flag

    need help on 2 trades. will reply yours

    what do you think of these 2 trades? thanks a lot!

    1. ersan or jamison - ersan is not getting enough playing time to shine in milwaukee, it is likely the same going forward since the head coach is scott skiles. jamison is playing well in LA, i am hoping that his value won't drop when pau returns. (as he managed to get about 28 minutes when pau is around)

    2. seraphin or pekovic -seraphin seems to play consistently for wizards, both in starting lineup and come of the bench. i like that he is starting to get some defensive stats, ie blocks, which could help his value, whereas news broke out that pekovic has been bothered by bone spurs (could be routine injury and could get unexpected rest down the road).

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    • 1. Ilyasova. The guy got a fat new contract, and got lazy. But, talent rises to the top. I'd take him over Jamison.

      2. Toss up. I haven't heard news about a trade or bone spurs for Pekovic. if he's healthy, he'll get 15/9.. Seraphin's value is tied to Wall, i think. Dependig on when Wall will get back up to speed will determine his value.

    • 1. Toss up
      2. Seraphin

      Jamison is a short term value in H2H to me. Since the chances are either the Pau-Nash combo will work better than we thought or Pau will be traded for pieces that would fit in the system. Neither event seems to bode well to Jamison's minutes down the road. Just my guess.

      The Wizards are going no where so Seraphin will see plenty of minutes later in the season. Pekovic's rebounds and defensive stats have gone down enough for him to have lower value than Seraphin. The Wolves have improved their wing positions this year so that may have affected Pek's role in the system.

    • 1 jamison
      2 seraphin

      but watch out for ersan since he's played well rounded in his last two games.
      i don't know much about pekovic's injury.. but should the trade rumors push through.. and he's shipped to LA his value will drop, imo. (but it's highly unlikely that the trade will be made)


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