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  • Neema Neema Dec 6, 2012 5:55 PM Flag

    Hey! Would you veto this?

    Anthony Davis and Bass for Kenneth Faried? 12 team roto.

    Would you veto this? I need your help and feedback.

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    • ridiculous that that was vetoed.

    • Nope. Like it or not that looks like a legit trade.

    • Nope, not sure why anyone would even consider vetoing it. I don't even see which side you think is getting the better deal enough to be veto'd?
      Davis has the POTENTIAL to be a 2nd round type of player, but has only played in a handful of games at the nba level, and is still out another week or two. Bass has potential to be valuable in a 12 team league but has been so up and down this year that it's hard to value him.
      Faried has been solid since after the 1st week.
      Can I ask why you would consider vetoing this? Is it becuase Faried has been solid while Bass hasn't and Davis is hurt so you think the Faried side is winning? Or is it because you think Davis is SO good that he and Bass combined are so much better than Faried that it is worth a veto? I would actually be very curious to know.

      Veto's are supposed to be used to prevent cheating and collusion. Not to stop managers from making mistakes, or from making trades that you don't personally agree with.

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      • Thanks for the input. I am actually the manager that will be giving Faried. I was trying to ask this question in a subjective manner so not influence your opinions.
        A manger was the one that offered me Anthony Davis and Bass for Faried. It was vetoed today, and I'm curious as to why. I personally don't think it should have been. I know the potential that Davis has, BUT I'm taking on the risk of his injury, while Faried like you mentioned has been consistent. The manager that proposed me this trade needs rebounds and fg% and is currently in 3rd place. I need pts, ft%, and blks, so this trade would be key.
        For this reason I'm not sure which side they think is the clear winner, but if I were to guess it would be the side getting Davis.
        Your thoughts.

    • a healthy davis is a second round player while faried is a 5th round player...i don't know why you would add bass on top of davis. which side do you think is ripping the other side off?

    • The concept of the veto is to stop collusion and or prevent a team that has a clear advantage to win do to a lopsided trade. What are your opinions on using the veto here?

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      • I agree on this one. But then there's a dumb league I'm in (few of my friends) and they have this rule that they vote for whatever the trade is. Over 5 votes then it's agreed. I found this very stupid cuz let's say what if I'm currently in 1st place and then ofcourse they would be against the improvement of my current roster. They just vetoed a trade (Give Crash+Lou Williams, and get Zbo) which is so stupid.

    • Bass is boarderline ownable, so I really don't see the problem.


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