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  • Jack D Jack D Dec 4, 2012 8:24 PM Flag

    sell high on Larry Sanders?

    i'm in a deep 12 team, 15 man roster league. one manager really likes larry sanders. what is my team lacking?

    my team
    mo will
    lou will
    george hill
    gerald wallace

    his team
    jason thompson

    sanders is the only guy on my team that really blocks, so im thinking i punt blocks or either get another guy who blocks. this manager is looking for more blocks, so i cant trade for his guys that block. he wants to get rid of wall. should i trade SANDERS for WALL? he also mentioned lou will for wall. do i take it? thanks!

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    • You better hope for constant 5+ block games for Sanders though. I think he can be a top 3 blocker or top 2 if he keeps getting playing time. And Silkes really is the fantasy devil. It looks like Sanders will keep playing as long as he doesn't get into trouble in practice or in a game.. He's 24 so it looks like this will be his dream, career season with still fresh legs.. 22 blocks in his last 3 games, christ. Just he and Lebron should win you blocks most weeks, unless you take on someone who has Hibbert, Gortat, Gee, Howard, Josh Smith, and A Davis . lol

      If you really do try to pry Ibaka from the owner's hands it'll be a lost cause probably. Ibaka is playing out of his mind right now, and I think he'll only regress a tiny bit.. his rank is like 8 in my league right now I think he'll be around 20-25 for the season. Sanders, Ibaka, and Lebron on one team would look nice though.. Try to target Mayo for 3's.

    • I'd offer him Sanders, Lou Will and J-Rich or Hayward for Cousins and Wall

    • Maybe something like Sanders and George Hill for Kaman and Mayo.. I know he prbly wouldn't accept it but just thinking aloud.. Maybe try Nash, Sanders, George Hill for Kaman, Mayo, and Wall if he values Nash alot. I don't think Nash will be able to rack up stats like he used to.. I still have him on one team though. I'm getting sick of George Hill, he shoots alot but they rarely go in.. he does get you decent assisits and steals for someone that shoots alot, but Indiana is still a mess to me, he may not even be fantasy viable anymore in 2-3 months imo.

      do something along those lines, you may as well solidify your 3's, and yeah you don't have great blockers :-/ I mean Wallace and Lebron and Pek and Hayward help support Sanders.. so you're definetly decent on blocks not bad. If you do give away Sanders you'll either need to get Ibaka or be prepared to be less powerful in blocks.

      Wall is a bit of a mystery right now, most teams don't rush their star future PG if it'll be a chronic injury. I owned him last year so I like him as a fantasy player.. but I honestly give him 2 weeks- 2 1/2 months till he returns. When he does he'll have pretty high turnovers to try salvaging a lost season.

    • trade sanders and holiday for ibaka....you are giving up holiday but you will win blocks...

    • Keep Sanders since you have no blockers. If it was a keeper, it would be different, but no one knows when Wall will be back.


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