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  • Not_Tomas Not_Tomas Dec 4, 2012 4:52 PM Flag

    FAVORS owners inside

    Favors Has Plantar Fasciitis....discuss. So like many of you I too have D.Favors. This is day 2 day, but could turn into a longer thing. Normally I would try and hold on to him, but with 3 other injuries on my team, he is the most expendable one of the hurt. Are you gonna hold onto him or drop him?

    My current squad:
    PG - Billups
    SG - Klay Thompson
    G - Paul George
    SF - Melo
    PF- Blake Griffin
    F - Favors *INJ*
    C - D12
    C - Brook Lopez *INJ*
    UTL - McGee
    UTL- Lou Williams
    BN - Waiters *INJ*
    BN - Carl Landry
    BN - Granger *INJ*

    FA's: Jarret Jack, Ilyosova, Kanter, Brand, Biyombo. Not many others worth noting. What to do, what to do? (12 teams H2H, 9 cat's)

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