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  • Dillon Dillon Dec 3, 2012 6:14 AM Flag

    Ray Ray for Shved

    Got offered Allen for Shved. I don't have any real needs on my squad right now and this is a SG for a SG both are pretty similar in their numbers, both are playing the 6th man role, with an edge going to Allen right now stats-wise. Allen is 37 though and I have to wonder if he is gonna be healthy all season, especially come fantasy playoff time when a lot of teams rest their stars and vets. Either one will spend more time on my bench than on my active roster. I'm inclined not to take this deal as it comes from the worst team on our league and I'm currently at the top, Ray's name is still big enough that it might ruffle some feathers whether it's a fair deal or not. Opinions?
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    • That's a tough one. Ray has a more guaranteed role in MIA but is an injury/rest risk. Shved is younger with more upside, but is in a crowded backcourt already and Rubio is right around the corner.
      I'm a big Celtics fan and was not impressed with how Ray left, but in this case I think I'd have to go with Allen. When Rubio comes back Shved could, or could not retain value. I think I'd go with the injury risk of Allen over the low-minutes risk of Shved.

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      • I'm not a Celtics fan and I was not impressed with how Ray left. Though I gotta admit if I had to listen to the moronic things Rondo and Garnett must talk about every day I might want to get far away too. It's funny, there are certain players that I never want on my squad just cause I can't stand em in reality. Guys like Kobe, J Kidd, J. Richardson, M. Barnes, Beasley, Hickson and Ellis, I would never want em on my squad. Sounds like Ray's sneaking off to chase a new ring puts him in that kind of category for you.
        I still haven't made the call on this trade, I know it's better for me to take it but I think it might be better for the league if I don't. The $h*t storm that I'll receive for accepting might not be worth it.