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  • CWizzle CWizzle Nov 29, 2012 7:31 PM Flag

    Asik's Value

    If you can pull off ANY of these trades, then I tip my hat to you. NONE of them are fair, but I think Gortat would be the closest, only because of his disappointing start and lack of minutes... Even with Gasol's injury and bad start, the owner would be an idiot to make that trade. I would also highly disagree with the person who said Thad Young is a possibility. He is averaging nearly 14 and 8, with 1.5 stls, .7 blocks, over 50% from the field, and although his FT% is low, his career average is higher so the chance of him improving in pretty good, and he also doesn't attempt a high number so it doesn't effect your team as much. He also has a low TO rate.
    Comparing that to Asik, you'd be getting an upgrade of roughly 4 rebounds per game and less than half a block more per game. For a downgrade in FG%, FT%, points, assists, steals and TO's. If your league has A/TO ratio, a player who averages over 3 TO's per game with only 1 assist per game hurts, as does his low FT% on more than twice the attempts per game compared to Young.

    Asik helps in rebounds and blocks, hurts in FT% and TO's, and does nothing in the rest of the categories. All the players you listed are either studs, or borderline studs, some of which just happened to get off to a bad start.
    Unless you have some managers with very low IQ's in your league, I think you will have to revalue Asik, or plan on keeping him.
    Not that I'm recommending these guys, but I think a more realistic list would be players like: Blatche, Drummond, Okafor, Pachulia maybe those guys are a little low, but much closer than what you've listed.
    I'd be happy if I could get someone with upside like Seraphin, Vucevic, or maybe at the most a JJ Hickson caliber player?


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