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  • CWizzle CWizzle Nov 29, 2012 6:17 PM Flag

    What do you think of this team?

    I would listen to Aaron, he is giving you great advice. Unless you trade away Howard, Griffin AND Asik, you are better off keeping them and punting the FT% category. Without FT% as a concern Howard has potential to be a top 5 player, with Griffin probably top 15.
    I would definitely target Rondo and Josh Smith. Some other players who's value goes up when you decide to punt FT% would be: Brook Lopez, Andrei Kirilenko, Greg Monroe, Kenneth Faried, Roy Hibbert, Marcin Gortat, JJ Hickson and Glen Davis.... Now some of these players have downsides besides FT% and might not fit your team, and I'm definitely not saying you should try to make moves for all of them. But if you could trade a couple of your guys for players that are more valueable outside of FT% you'd be better off.

    It would really suck to trade Howard for a big man with better FT% but less overall value, only to find out you are still losing FT% each week. Because then you would have just downgraded all together.

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