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  • CWizzle CWizzle Nov 29, 2012 5:58 PM Flag

    ROS: Rubio or Knight?

    I think it depends on your team's needs. Last year the obvious answer would be Rubio. And that might still be the right answer, but it's a lot closer now! I think the guy asking if you are serious would probably be a little surprised if he looked at Knight's game log. Only 4 games without double digit scoring, only 2 without a 3PTM. decent, if not above average rebounding for a PG, and although only 2 games with double digit assists (biggest difference with Rubio) he has shown improvement in playmaking abilities this year. And while his %'s aren't ideal, neither are bad enough to hurt you.

    When healthy, Rubio will get more assists and steals, but will likely have FG% low enough to hurt your team overall, probably competing for league's worst FG% for starter's lol. low scoring totals and less than 1 3PTM per game.

    So if my team needed assists and steals more than anything, and I could handle a player with shooting percentage in the 30's I'd probably go with Rubio. But if I already had some decent PG's to help with assists and steals, but needed some more scoring and 3's I might take Knight.
    Lastly, I can envision Knight progressing as the season goes, while Rubio probably showed us almost what his ceiling was last year. Not to mention his injury was a serious one, that SOME players in the past have never been able to fully recover from, or be the same type of high energy player as before.

    Taking all of that into consideration, most of my teams would benefit from Rubio more, but I know of 1 that I'd rather have Knight.

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    • Thanks again CWizzle! I appreciate all the feedback man. I agree with you and your assement of Rubio. I want the guy before someone else grabs him cause I'm sure he'll beast, but I'm having a hard time determining if I can drop anyone for him. I have exactly the situation you mentioned with players with assist and steal capabilities


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