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  • CWizzle CWizzle Nov 23, 2012 10:57 PM Flag

    Makes sense it is hard to trade in fantasy

    Oh, and I just looked back at re-read your post. You are talking about people saying that they have "similar value" right? Well of course they do. Their stats like I said are very similar. And in case you were going to use Yahoo's Rankings to say that Boozer is ranked 121 and Lee 67, take a look at that list. They rank Rasheed Wallace and Hedo Turkoglu above Boozer! You can't really go by that.
    Can I ask why you value Lee so much more?

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    • But with that all being said, I own David Lee in 2 of my leauges, and would not think twice about rejecting a trade offer for Boozer. Just trying to point out that it isn't so rediculously far fetched to compare the two players.

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      • Jeez. Yahoo rank also factors in effectiveness per minutes of play. Thanks for the Rasheed Wallace, Hedo ranking over him comment though, it was a good laugh. The real joke is having Nene at an o-rank of 56. In a draft you'd be better off waiting for Parsons or even Kirilenko rather than reaching for Boozer that's for sure. And if you were stuck with Boozer you'd need someone like Mullens or MWP to balance your team out. And no they're not very similar, Lee plays 9 more minutes than Boozer a game (cha-ching) , with more points and ft's , notably higher FG% and FT % , more Orebs and rebs, more asts, more stls, and will have more blocks come mid season. Lee has more upside due to young age, even if Bogut plays consistent minutes in a few months. Boozer misses too much and it's obvious he can't take a big workload at all (at least anymore) , guys like Deng and Noah benefit more. Boozer should step it up more without Rose but he isn't..


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